Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs Stroud, Cirencester & Surrounding

In older buildings, a chimney is almost guaranteed to be a feature of the building – and if you have a functioning fireplace then a chimney is required. With the advent of technology leading to central heating, functional fireplaces have become rarer. However, they’re still present in many homes for aesthetic reasons and chimneys are still a part of many roofs for similar reasons. Many people’s vision of a house still includes a chimney and they’re unlikely to go anywhere in the near future.

Due to their exposed position on the roof, chimneys are particularly vulnerable to the elements. Their position means that strong winds exert greater stress on them and rain can also affect the structural integrity of the chimney, leaving them at risk of becoming a source of water ingress and needing a chimney repair.

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It’s Essential To Carry Out Chimney Repairs Quickly.

Since chimneys are vulnerable to leakage, you need to be vigilant when keeping an eye out for problems. Water getting into your home can cause serious problems – ones that can become extremely expensive if left unchecked. Water getting into a house’s interior can lead to damp and structural damage.

Water ingress isn’t the only issue chimneys can present. If a chimney’s structural integrity becomes too weak, then it’s at risk of collapsing in the most serious of cases. It’s important to be sure that foul weather can’t put your home at risk. If you suspect that there’s an issue with your chimney, we can come to your house and examine it. Flashing can be the source of a leaking chimney – we’re capable of carrying out leadwork and handling any problems with it. If any work is necessary, we’ll be able to provide you with a free written quote for a chimney repair.