"Will and his ‘team’ were very professional. Explained in detail what the problem was and carried out the work to our complete satisfaction. Hopefully no more leaks from our roof. We would definitely use him for other jobs should the need arise." Customer in Cirencester -David

"I would not hesitate in recommending WDV property maintenance, Will is always very polite and helpful and the work is good value for the money." Customer in fairford - Mary Finney

"William sent the quote quickly. We needed the work doing the next few days as the wind had ripped the felt off our roof. William fitted us in so no damage was caused Rapid, tidy work" Customer in Swindon - Phillip Robinson

"Will was very punctual, friendly, and professional. I would highly reccomend him to anyone with a roofing job they need completing." Customer in Stroud - Michael Pope

"Excellent, professional and plesant. Always prompt and available at all times even over the christmas period. Will is going to do some more work for me." Customer in Cheltenham - Mrs Fisher

Our Driveway Services

If you are looking for a drive renovation, there are several options available.

Whether you are looking for a brand new drive, or extending an existing drive to accommodate additional vehicles, we can offer a solution that meets your needs and your budget.

The durable and pliable nature of tarmac make it the perfect surfacing option for driveways footpaths and hard standing a like. Your home will look great with a new drive or pathway. Not only is tarmac durable, but unlike other materials which can present difficulty when being laid, tarmac is quick, fast setting and easily moulded to any surface it’s applied too.

Driveway block paving is currently the most popular driveway solution. It is cost effective and low maintenance. Unlike tarmac or concrete, you have a choice of styles, colours and patterns. If you are investing in a new driveway, opt for a material that is not only long-lasting, but also give one of the most attractive finishes too – block paving.

Becoming popular in the 1980s, there was only one problem with block paving – lack of excitement! Colours and the simplicity of design meant that it was an often overlooked material but, gradually the market began to grow. In addition, the advances in manufacturing increased the range of colours, patterns and finishes. The choices today when it comes to block paving driveways for your property, starts with deciding if you want concrete paving or ones made from clay. If the drive does get damaged or you get an oil spill, the damaged driveway blocks can be taken up and replaced in a matter of minutes.

Resin Bond Driveways

We install a resin bound system on every single one of our driveways, resin provides a porous surface ideal for water drainage. Resin bound driveway surfaces are manually trowelled into place by our team as shown on the video above. This means your driveway is smooth and has no loose stones. Resin bound finishes are perfect for the following types of surfaces; Paths, Patios and Driveways.

The quickest and by far the cheapest option is gravel which is available in numerous colours and grades. There is nothing quite like gravel driveways to give your property the edge of the neighbour’s or the satisfying sound of crunch underfoot or tyre. Gravel is becoming an increasingly popular choice and with an ever-increasing range of colours, sizes and shapes to choose from, more and more customers are seeing the potential of this versatile material.

If gravel is installed, we recommend installing a good quality geotextile under the gravel for weed control.


A professionally designed and constructed patio provides home owners with a low maintenance alternative to a traditional garden area. A patio will also add considerable value to your property, as well as providing you with an attractive, versatile and durable, outside relaxation area where you can enjoy time with family and friends.

We are specialists in all aspects of patio design and construction, including complete patio overhauls, new patio design, and patio repairs and maintenance. Our Fully Qualified Craftsmen are experienced in the use of a wide variety of materials and will create a patio for you to use however and whenever you choose, all designed and constructed to suit your individual lifestyle, needs and budget.