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Our roofs all have them, although the words themselves might not sound familiar. The fascias and soffits make up the part of your roof that’s commonly referred to as the “roofline”. The fascia is the long straight board fixed to the framework of the roof. This will support the weight of the bottom row of tiles as well as the guttering. So it’s important that they’re up to the job. The soffit board is the one running under the fascia, forming the bottom of the roofline. Together, fascias and soffits seal the roof against the outside world and protect the interior of your home from the elements.

When Would I Need To Replace Them?

Constant exposure means that eventually your fascias and soffits will start to look the worse for wear. Paint may flake and peel – not an appealing look. If rot or damp has taken hold, that’s a problem requiring more immediate action. Fascias and soffits are important in protecting your home’s interior and letting a problem lie can put it at risk.

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Guttering Services Cirencester & Stroud

Guttering Isn’t Something We Often Think About. However, it’s one of your house’s lines of defence against the weather. Over here, our rainy season lasts all year round and that’s where your guttering comes in. When it comes to home maintenance, you need to make sure your guttering is in good repair as it’s a critical part of it. Guttering sluices water off your roof, directing it down the drain and into the sewers – where it belongs.

Over time, however, leaves can get blown into the guttering and moss can start growing inside it. If the gutters aren’t cleaned then a build-up of material in them can lead to damage. In turn, water will build up and there’s a chance that it will get in to your home – possibly leading to structural damage, damp and health issues as a result of these problems. In this case, it may be necessary to replace the guttering.